How to Get Larry King to Deliver Your Bagels

King, keeping it Brooklyn
King, keeping it Brooklyn Photo: Bob Bekian via Flickr

The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. announces that its Beverly Hills restaurant closed over the weekend to relaunch this Wednesday (Rosh Hashanah) with a completely new, Earthkosher-certified menu that relies on a strong use of dairy, smoked fish imported from New York, and soups like mushroom barley and lentil, along with offerings from a new salad bar. More exciting than the Kosher conversion though, is a promo that features the restaurant’s spokesman, Larry King, in his new role of deliveryman.

On Wednesday, one of the first 25 catering orders made to the restaurant will be picked at random. The winning ticket will find Larry King himself coming to your door with your order and hopefully, yelling something along the lines of “Crestwood Hills, you’re on with Larry King!” when you open the door. The King appearance is intended to promote the Kosher switch, as well as the restaurant’s new online ordering system and extended hours from 6:30 to 9:00 P.M. What you choose to do with him afterwards is up to you both.