How Hugh Hefner Eats

"Fried chicken!"
"Fried chicken!" Photo: Getty Images

If there’s a poster child for doing precisely what one pleases, it must be Hugh Hefner — and it turns out Hef’s general hedonism extends to his dining habits as well. Bloomberg interviewed the aptly named William S. Bloxsom-Carter, head of dining at Playboy HQ, and learned that el jefe likes to dine late — a very European 10:30 p.m., which is understandable given that he lunches at 5 p.m. (breakfast happens around 10:30 or 11 a.m.). Per Carter, Hef “enjoys lamb chops, and he has half a grapefruit every day … He likes fried chicken with mashed potatoes, which is his mother’s recipe. He’s a Midwestern gentleman, so he enjoys those kinds of foods. He has two piles of mashed potatoes with a poached egg placed in each one. Pretty wild stuff but it’s OK.” So, let’s get this straight: Regular doses of fried chicken and egg-topped mashed potatoes are a recipe for staying (somewhat?) vital into one’s mid-eighties? We can handle that. [Bloomberg]