How Hugh Hefner Eats

"Fried chicken!" Photo: Getty Images

If there's a poster child for doing precisely what one pleases, it must be Hugh Hefner and it turns out Hef's general hedonism extends to his dining habits as well. Bloomberg interviewed the aptly named William S. Bloxsom-Carter, head of dining at Playboy HQ, and learned that el jefe likes to dine late a very European 10:30 p.m., which is understandable given that he lunches at 5 p.m. (breakfast happens around 10:30 or 11 a.m.). Per Carter, Hef "enjoys lamb chops, and he has half a grapefruit every day ... He likes fried chicken with mashed potatoes, which is his mothers recipe. Hes a Midwestern gentleman, so he enjoys those kinds of foods. He has two piles of mashed potatoes with a poached egg placed in each one. Pretty wild stuff but its OK. So, let's get this straight: Regular doses of fried chicken and egg-topped mashed potatoes are a recipe for staying (somewhat?) vital into one's mid-eighties? We can handle that. [Bloomberg]