Bad News for Heathers

Sometimes life isn't fair.
Sometimes life isn't fair. Photo: Shanna Ravindra

Surveillance tapes provided by Heathers in the East Village played a key role in the prosecution of two NYPD “rape cops.” However, the owner of the bar, Heather Millstone, still got screwed when she appeared last night before Community Board 3’s SLA committee, seeking approval for renewal of her license. A group of neighbors flashed signs reading “No renewal for Heathers” and assailed her for failing to control noise, crowds, and smokers. Some of Heathers’ patrons are “trespassing on my property and smoking pot,” claimed Tom Surett, who lives across the street. Surett’s wife, Lorraine, added, “Heather’s people are urinating on our property. It seems like there’s no respect from her.” Millstone defended herself, claiming she provides a “safe place” for gays, lesbians, and transsexuals, and reminded the board of her cooperation in the cop case. In the end, the committee voted against the approval for renewal by three to one, with one abstention. Asked what she would do next, Millstone told Grub tersely, “No comment.”