Hayes Valley Farm to Be Evicted This Winter

Hayes Valley Farm at Laguna and Fell.
Hayes Valley Farm at Laguna and Fell. Photo: Courtesy of Hayes Valley Farm

The pop-up urban farm that occupies the old Fell Street off-ramp at Laguna Street will need to vacate the property soon, says the city, to make way for a condo project. The Hayes Valley Farm started up in February 2010 with $50,000 in grant money from the Mayor’s office, and organizer Jay Rosenberg tells the Examiner they always knew they only had about two to five years before they’d need to leave — thus most of the planting had been done in pots above ground. Though exact relocation plans aren’t firm, Rosenberg has a grand (if optimistic) vision of “hundreds of farms throughout The City.” He will have to start, though, with picking up and moving all the plants and beehives they have now before February 2012. [Examiner, Earlier]