Harvard Kids Launch Harvard-y Food Website

Dining hall surprise, anyone?
Dining hall surprise, anyone?

The Crimson informs us of an important development within the hallowed walls of Harvard: a new blog! Ivyfed “addresses eating, dressing, and living well” on campus. Co-founder Jasmine Y. Miller states that the blog’s purpose is to be “everyone’s cool older friend.”

Which means articles including “Tzatziki, and how it can all be Greek to you” and “five things you never knew existed in your dining hall” (pity the poor co-ed who got that investigative assignment!). We’re guessing it doesn’t mean “what to eat at your brand-new neighborhood Panera megaplex.”

P.S.: There’s also a dating section, which makes sense as Harvard was just named one of the top colleges for husband-hunting.

Eating, Dressing, and Living on Ivyfed [Crimson]