Gutter-Balling With Anne Burrell

Burrell, on a more sedate occasion.
Burrell, on a more sedate occasion. Photo: Melissa Hom

The Anne Burrell bowling teasers don’t stop. You’ll recall that the other week the spiky-haired Food Network star was tweeting about hitting the lanes with her buddy Alex G., and now Metromix has its rundown of throwing gutter balls with Burrell. That’s right, gutter balls — it seems the toque recently threw a 39, which means we’re canceling that letter we’d drafted inviting Burrell to join the Grub Street bowling team. (Should you still feel the urge to swing a few with the chef, tickets to the New York Wine & Food Festival’s Rock & Bowl event are still available for $150 a pop.) At least Burrell had the decency to not wear shorts on-camera. We can’t say the same for her Food Network fraternal twin Guy Fieri, who, like the weird kids on snow days in grade school, refused to don long pants even in Alaska. We always knew he was one of those types. [Metromix, Earlier]