Gordon Ramsay’s Little-Person Porn Look-alike Found Dead in Badger Den

The real Ramsay remains alive and well.
The real Ramsay remains alive and well. Photo: Getty Images

The headline says just about everything you need to know: Percy Foster, who was apparently a 35-year-old little-person porn performer known for looking like Gordon Ramsay, was recently found dead in a badger den. According to U.K. tabloid Sunday Sport, “His tiny corpse was found deep in an underground chamber by Ministry of Agriculture experts ahead of a planned badger-gassing programme … Percy was clothed but parts of his corpse had been ‘partially gnawed’ by animals.” Even though Grub Street’s in-house Brit tells us the Sport “just makes stuff up wholesale,” we want to believe this is one of their truer stories. [Sunday Sport via Gawker]