Giggles ‘n Hugs Threatens to Move Chuck E.’s Cheese

Good Luck, Chuck: A rodent of unusual size
Good Luck, Chuck: A rodent of unusual size Photo: Downing.Amanda via Flickr

Bloomberg takes a look at everything you never wanted to know about children’s restaurant Giggles n’ Hugs and were very afraid to ask. Apparently, the place thrives as a sort of WASP-accessible, anal-retentive alternative to that gully-but-beloved kid’s haunt, Chuck E. Cheese. What can you expect inside one of Giggles ‘n Hugs?

In place of bacteria-breeding ball pits, gang shootings, crap pizza, and giant vermin in red bowlers, Giggles’ staff cleans the playgrounds three times a day, serves tilapia fish sticks, and has a name inspired by benevolent children’s group, The Wiggles.

The restaurant also rakes in about $120,000 a month, has cornered the celebrity parent market, and has plans to expand to 150 stores in the near-future. There’s even a potential deal bubbling between the chain and Westfield’s that should get owners Dorsa and Joey Parsi giggling and hugging their way to the bank.

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