George Mendes Votes George Clooney to Replace Sam Sifton

Should a movie star give out restaurant stars? Photo: Michael Loccisano/2010 Getty Images

Grub caught up with Aldea's George Mendes at last night's “HTC Serves Up NYC” event, where he served Portuguese shrimp, bonito tuna rillette, and a bacalo a bras ... but mostly, some sharp insight on the future of the Times' restaurant critic position. His recommendation? George Clooney. "He’s got a great presence; he knows food really well. Actually, it’s a tie between George Clooney and Wes Anderson." Why so? "Wes Anderson loves food, he knows food, and he’s just a fantastic eater. A great person." With respect to HTC mobiles, we also asked Mendes if he's had any major tech disasters lately. "Oh, laptops have fallen into stockpots accidentally while they’re being strained ... in the past, there have actually been people not knowing where they’re walking and falling, you know, hands- or feet-first into a stockpot." Hopefully that wasn't George Clooney, 'cause he's got a column to write.

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