Gaze Upon the Cover of Next’s Paris 1906 Digital Cookbook

Explore Paris 1906 in this upcoming ebook.
Explore Paris 1906 in this upcoming ebook. Photo: courtesy of Facebook

Next announced last night on Facebook that its Paris 1906 digital cookbook should be “coming soon.” As proof, the restaurant released a preview of the cover. We kind of love it, even if it does remind us Pearl Jam’s 1994 album, Vitalogy. (That’s the crazy one with “Better Man” and “Bugs.”) Regardless, this is very exciting. As was revealed by the Tribune, Next is partnering with Apple for the release, so you’ll only be able to purchase a copy on iBooks. But Next revealed a few more details about the project last night.

Though initially announced as a pay-what-you-want download, that has been set aside for a fixed priced model. Luckily, the restaurant is adamant that the cost will be “really low compared to other books.” In fact, it will probably be “far less” than the “$12.99 or so that gets charged by the big publishers.” That’s good news.

Next also explained why the book would only be available on Apple products, claiming that Kindle can’t “display the resolution,” and that Android tablets “haven’t really caught on.” The iPad is the device of choice. When asked if the document will be viewable on iPhones, the restaurant responded that one could, but that it would be “super tiny.”

Next Restaurant/Facebook