Food, Coming Soon to a Printer Near You

With liquid ketchup and mustard.
With liquid ketchup and mustard. Photo: Mary-Louise Price; Photo: iStockphoto

It seems the scientists at Cornell Creative Machines Lab have made a breakthrough: They’re now printing food. Not just fun, colorful images of hamburgers or whatnot, but actual 3-D hamburgers, with “liquid layers of ketchup and mustard.” Whoa. They also printed a scallop in the shape of a space shuttle (because, why not?) and a raw, vegan hamburger-substitute patty. The miracle of science is achieved with edible ink and “blueprints” called FabApps, because, let’s face it, printing food is pretty fab. A New York–based company is developing a food printer that would retail for a relatively affordable $1,000, meaning home cooks could be using the technology soon. And what better way to get a picky kid to try a scallop than by serving it to him shaped like a spaceship? [Fast Company via Tech Europe/WSJ]