Feds Raid Ohio and Indiana IHOPs; PepsiCo Makes Chickpea Plans

• Seven IHOPs in Indiana and Ohio were mysteriously raided by the Feds yesterday. Maybe agents had really strong cravings for chocolate-chip pancakes? [NRN]

• In what might be the first instance of this ever, we actually agree with Michele Bachmann, who said stringent regulation of the food industry is overburdening small farms. [AP via Google]

• Now that it’s in the hummus game, PepsiCo is trying to get Ethopians to grow more chickpeas; it claims that as a side benefit, its efforts will help the famine situation in Africa. Hmmm. [NYT]

• What does “all natural” mean when stamped on a food package? Eh, who knows. And that uncertainty has sparked lawsuits. [Law Blog/WSJ]

• Artichoke Basille’s frozen pizza has arrived in grocery aisles! Time to light up a doobie and get your nosh on. Wait, what? [NYT]

• In case you were wondering, Americans eat out an average of five times a week, mostly at lunch. [UPI]