Fast-Food Chains Find Booze Not Worth It; Condé to Open More Magazine-Themed Restaurants

• Although alcohol has some of the highest profit margins of any menu item, many chains aren’t finding serving booze worth it, since “customers apparently just don’t think a value meal pairs well with a cabernet.” [NYT]

• Next time you’re in Kiev, consider visiting the Vogue Café. Condé Nast evidently has magazine-themed restaurants around the world, and it’s adding more. Anyone fancy a bite at the hot new farm-to-table spot, the Grub Street Grange? [FishbowlNY/Mediabistro]

• Curious to know the earned income of most people receiving food stamps? A big, fat zero. [Real Time Economics/WSJ]

• It’s on at Madison Square Park, where Shake Shack employees (in uniform) were seen ordering lunch yesterday at newly installed rival, Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen. [Eater NY]

• If you’re so over açai, consider getting into baobab — the antioxidant-loaded African fruit may be the next superfood, if marketers have their way. [NYDN]