Fake ‘Homemade’ Lasagna Infuriates NYC Bloggers

It's as if they were fed crack dressed up as caviar.

Don’t bullshit a blogger. We don’t want to watch Bobby Flay playing a single dude on Entourage; we don’t want to eat lobsterless lobster salad; and we definitely don’t want to hear about a restaurant you pretended to go to, when it’s clearly closed for business. But Ketchum PR and George Duran must have missed the memo. In a disastrous marketing stunt gone wrong, Ketchum and Duran were employed by the ConAgra company to dupe a bunch of bloggers into a private dinner party, only to videotape their reactions to a quaint, home-cooked, chefy meal, which was really, in part, frozen (!!) food made by Marie Callender. To put it mildly, the bloggers were not amused. Chubby Chinese Girl was especially pissed, writing, "I’m NOT their target consumer and they were totally off by thinking I would buy or promote their highly processed frozen foods after tricking me to taste it." Gael Greene just tweeted about "eating crow" for a blunder where she mistakenly implied that David Rockwell was Le Bernardin’s new designer, but this muck-up is more like crow cassoulet. [NYT]

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