Even Nancy Silverton’s Freebies are Rich

Silverton A-Go-Go
Silverton A-Go-Go Photo: Hadley Tomicki

When it comes time for food freebies, it’s typically a free cup of coffee, a cupcake, or at best, maybe a free burger on offer. But as you know by now, Nancy Silverton does not do “typical.” In what may be the fanciest food freebie of all time, the Mozza matron will appear this Tuesday at Main Street Santa Monica’s food truck lot for Macy’s “Chefs A-Go-Go,” the department store’s traveling promotion in partnership with celebrity chefs. With a $5 purchase at the lot, guests will also get Mozza’s crispy duck leg with lentils, free of charge, a significant upgrade to the usual free scoop. Catch Silverton on Tuesday, September 27th, at 2612 Main St. Santa Monica, starting at 5:30 P.M.