Eat.Good.Clean.Food Soft-Opens This Weekend in Culver City with a Cous Cous Preview

Farid Zadi in the kitchen of Eat.Good.Clean.Food
Farid Zadi in the kitchen of Eat.Good.Clean.Food Photo: Eat.Good.Clean.Food

Culver City is poised to see another alluring chef-driven project open on its streets, as Farid Zadi and his wife Susan Park are set to soft-open about 1/3 of Eat.Good.Clean.Food this weekend on Venice Blvd. with partner David Haskell. Chef Zadi sends us word that he’s going to prepare a cous cous festival of sorts, along with other North African dishes as a preview of what’s in store. Being held from noon to 6:00 P.M. on Saturday and Sunday, reservations can be made over email. With the depths of talents and range of interests and influences involved this half-epicerie/pâtisserie/boulangerie*, half-restaurant, Eat.Good.Clean should be a stronghold of quality and innovation in Culver City in the months to come.

Eat.Good.Clean.Food, 9626 Venice Blvd. Culver City.

(*for a full list of the project’s associated -eries, see this page.)