Andy Samberg Is Making a Doritos Super Bowl Ad

Samberg, minus orange nacho-cheese fingers. Photo: Andrew Eccles/New York Magazine

Following yesterday's note that the inventor of Doritos will be laid to rest with a symbolic scattering of corn chips, Frito-Lay has tastefully now announced its latest advertising ploy, in which all aspiring Don Drapers can once again make their own commercials to potentially air during the Super Bowl but first they'll have to get past the collective, video-virulent talent of Andy Samberg and the Lonely Island, who have set to work on their own video. If your cousin Tootsie wins, she gets "cash prizes up to $1 million"; if Samberg's video wins, the fee goes to charity. If, as the Post notes, 30-second spots during the game do end up selling for $3 million a pop, why don't we all call it a day now, skip the flying pugs, and ask Frito-Lay to just donate $4 million to charity? [NYP, Earlier]