Andy Samberg Is Making a Doritos Super Bowl Ad

Samberg, minus orange nacho-cheese fingers.
Samberg, minus orange nacho-cheese fingers. Photo: Andrew Eccles/New York Magazine

Following yesterday’s note that the inventor of Doritos will be laid to rest with a symbolic scattering of corn chips, Frito-Lay has tastefully now announced its latest advertising ploy, in which all aspiring Don Drapers can once again make their own commercials to potentially air during the Super Bowl — but first they’ll have to get past the collective, video-virulent talent of Andy Samberg and the Lonely Island, who have set to work on their own video. If your cousin Tootsie wins, she gets “cash prizes up to $1 million”; if Samberg’s video wins, the fee goes to charity. If, as the Post notes, 30-second spots during the game do end up selling for $3 million a pop, why don’t we all call it a day now, skip the flying pugs, and ask Frito-Lay to just donate $4 million to charity? [NYP, Earlier]