Chefs React to Sifton’s Sayonara

Knee-jerk reactions to the Sifton news.

After hearing the news of Sam Sifton’s departure as the Times restaurant critic, some chefs are doing backflips in their aprons. Others are as indifferent as Sifton’s just-posted review of Hospoda: "Sam who?" responds Sam Talbot to Grub. But the majority of well-known New York chefs seems to be leaning on the side of sullen. Andrew Carmellini tells Grub, "I LOVE THAT GUY!!! But we are looking forward to cooking for him as a civilian!" While a less emotionally invested Paul Liebrandt says, "He has not reviewed me, but I do like his reviews." Over on Twitter, Dave Chang tweets, "congratulations on new job. now i’m panicking, we just got used to having you around. faack"; and Alex Stupak laments, "I was looking forward to my second review from you and I sound proofed my whole place based on your first. Congratulations."

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