Central Park Boathouse’s Dean Poll Agrees to Worker Unionizing

Will serenity return?
Will serenity return? Photo: Courtesy Central Park Boathouse

It seems employee efforts like creating guides to nearby restaurants and striking for the last month and a half have finally worn down Central Park Boathouse boss Dean Poll, reports Crain’s. Poll has agreed to recognize and bargain with the hotel workers union, and also to rehire eighteen workers let go earlier this year because of union organizing (though the strikers would like to see twice that many people rehired). The boathouse and union have begun talks, though a lawyer for the union says there are still further demands to be met before picket lines disappear. Meanwhile, not to take this lying down, Poll is trying to get the city to up the $3 million it pays him annually to operate the restaurant, in order to compensate for the higher cost of employing union members. [Crain’s, Earlier]