Could Catalyst Lure a Celebrity Chef to Kendall?

William Kovel
William Kovel

Catalyst indeed: We got a bit more back story about William Kovel’s new Technology Square restaurant today, courtesy the Herald. He was selected from an applicant pool of six chefs by real estate developers Alexandria Real Estate Equities, who also developed New York City’s Center for Life Science, home of Tom Colicchio’s Riverpark. It seems that Catalyst, whose big draw is a large conference space, might be just the first in a series of fine-dining restaurants in corporate settings. And, soon, celebrity chefs might be involved!

According to today’s piece, the Alexandria developers are scouting other Kendall properties to try to replicate the New York model on a Boston scale. Does this mean a celebrity-chef-helmed restaurant for us, too? A Riverpark Boston? Maybe some kind of Bobby Flay situation? We think Wylie Dufresne would be a fun fit in the high-tech ‘hood, but we also think such an idea might not go over incredibly well with the corporate set. Regardless, we’re guessing the viability of such a plan will be closely linked to Kovel’s success. (Stay tuned for a full slideshow of some of our favorite dishes there soon.)

If a “celebrity” chef did come to Kendall, well, who’d you like to see?

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