Burger Club to Open in Astoria, Plans to Dominate

Ambitious Burger Club wants to play with the big guns. Photo: The Little Owl/Christopher Anderson

Sources tell Grub Street that Burger Club, set to open in about a month on 30th Avenue and 32nd Street in Queens, not only serves a terrific burger, but a whole lotta bravado too. "It’s looking to establish itself alongside the Little Owl, the Spotted Pig, and Minetta Tavern as an outpost of super-artisanal flattop hamburgers," says the source. The Burger Club’ers have allegedly tried three dozen different steak combinations with the LaFriedas and possess burger OCD like none other. Patties will be served on locally baked challah rolls, and service is, according to Craigslist, still up in the air. (Maybe some ex-Milos staffers should stop by. Oh wait, they’re good.)