Bored to Death to Feature Pretend Waverly Inn; Real Waverly Eats It Up

HBO: It's not TV. But it does serve fries.
HBO: It's not TV. But it does serve fries. Photo: Getty Images

Ted Danson’s character on Bored to Death, loosely (or stiffly) imitating Graydon Carter, will open a restaurant called George on Jane this season. HBO says the restaurant is based on the Waverly Inn, and that they’ve even built a replica of the Waverly Inn to serve as Danson’s playground. To further promote the gastro-cloning, the Waverly Inn is taking reservations for guests to try a Bored to Death brunch menu — which sort of looks like the regular brunch menu, but that’s okay — available for the next three weekends, leading up to the show’s season premiere on October 10. If art does indeed imitate life, this would mean that in season five, Danson will open an silly exclusive restaurant based on the Monkey Bar and spend a gazillion dollars (wisely) re-staffing it in season seven.

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