Bobo Loses Patrick Connolly; EMP’s NoMad Projects Gain Tenpenny’s Jeffrey Tascarella

Patrick Connolly and Bobo are finished.
Patrick Connolly and Bobo are finished. Photo: Clint Spaulding/

Lots of movement in today’s chef-o-verse: Eater learns that Bobo and chef Patrick Connolly have broken up in a mutual decision, with neither’s next step seemingly planned yet. Let’s hope this doesn’t mean the restaurant is returning to the instability of its first year, when it burned through two chefs before luring Connolly from Boston. A bit farther up the island, there’s big news for Tenpenny’s Jeffrey Tascarella (a Scarpetta vet), who’s scarcely had his wow-this-is-really-good-for-a-midtown-hotel restaurant open half a year before today’s announcement from Diner’s Journal that he’ll decamp to the NoMad Hotel, to work with the EMP team on the restaurants there. Wouldn’t you? [Eater NY, Diner’s Journal/NYT]