Ben Silverman on the Future of Food TV

He mourns the UWS Bagel Nosh.

Last night, Grub spent some time with Electus founder Ben Silverman and his composer father, Stanley Silverman, to celebrate Stanley’s Trio No. 2 World Premiere at the 92nd Street Y. Sting sang, Paul Simon mingled. The usual. We couldn’t help but ask Silverman, the pro, about his predictions for food TV. "I honestly think it’s all moving online, so that people can focus specifically on crazy niches like intense chocolate lovers, or mac-and-cheese insiders, the real locavores … and we’ll be able to look at these worlds under a microscope, on a new level, and in a bigger way." In the spirit of father and son, we also asked about his childhood eating memories. "My immediate flavor memory is Red Cheek Apple juice," says Silverman, "but when I think of my father, I go right back to the Bagel Nosh tuna sandwich, which is now closed, on Broadway. My parents were divorced, and when I’d visit my dad two days a week, that was our treat. He’d also take me to All State, because a cute kid like me was his pickup charm."