Attention, Body-Obsessed: The Pump Is Now Dig Inn

The Pump is in the past.

Oh, the Pump. All the crash diets you've helped New Yorkers soldier through! And now things are changing? Maybe the name was a turnoff or the owner just wanted a fresh start, but the Pump Energy Food is being renamed Dig Inn Seasonal Market. According to Crain's, CEO Adam Eskin "spent three years tinkering with the formula for the 13-year-old fast-casual chain. On Sept. 21, he'll unveil a new look and menu, which features all-natural proteins, local produce and 'a greater focus on flavor.'" Dishes sound more well-balanced (braised beef shoulder with sweet potato casserole) and still affordable. However, with an emphasis on real food, there's nothing too eating-disorderly about it anymore, which some might find terribly inconvenient. [Crain's]