Are Americans Drinking Less Beer, or Just Less Crappy Beer?

The beer goes in your mouth, not on your head.
The beer goes in your mouth, not on your head. Photo: Hadley Tomicki

Shocking news (especially as football season kicks off): Americans are drinking less beer! According to a report from the Beverage Information Group (publisher of boozy trade journals Cheers, Beverage Dynamics, and assorted statistical handbooks and directories for the beverage industry), beer sales dipped 1.9 percent this year, continuing a four-year downward trend.

The report cites sagging sales for “core brands” (read: MillerBudCoors) and a particularly grim outlook on light beers. All this while craft brews and imports are on the rise. So what’s really happening here? Are we drinking less beer than in years past? Or is it that beer drinkers have finally had enough of Big Beer’s McSuds?

Beer Industry Posts Nearly 2 Percent Decline [CSNews]