Anna Wintour Still Pissed About Miss Lily’s

Wintour wouldn't even bestow this chilly smile on the Miss Lily's gang. Photo: Getty Images

It’s tough being as fabulous and rich as Anna Wintour. You’ll recall that the Vogue editrix-in-chief tried to use her significant clout to block Serge Becker’s clubby Miss Lily’s, whose rear abuts the garden accessible from Wintour’s private townhouse. Well, you’d think maybe the stylish staff would’ve warmed her up but, no! "Page Six" has it that Wintour was seated near two Miss Lily’s employees while lunching at nearby Da Silvano (how chic!) and overheard two fashion types complimenting the pair about the restaurant. "Disgusting," Wintour reportedly muttered while shooting death looks in the team’s direction. Maybe she was referring to the way one’s fingers look after eating Miss Lily’s pepper shrimp? Wintour’s rep, of course, denies this happened. [Page Six/NYP, Earlier, Related]