America’s Most Caffeinated Cities; Jarritos Aims High

• Jarritos, those colorful sodas that are fun to order at authentic taquerias, is trying to expand its reach beyond the Latino community. [NYT]

• Just another reason fatness is a vicious cycle: It seems the brains of the obese crave high-calorie foods more than other people’s brains. [Health/US News]

• Say good-bye to the era of awkward tiny foil ketchup packages: If you haven’t noticed, Heinz has a new way of dispensing the goods on the go, dubbed the “Dip and Squeeze.” [WSJ]

• The city’s top 50 restaurants (according to Zagat) will undergo ADA assessments; if violations are registered, the eateries will have the opportunity to make upgrades before legal action is pursued. [Crain’s]

• Behold America’s most caffeinated cities. Guess which Grub Street city is No. 1. [HuffPo]