Adam Platt on the Overhype of Foie and Living Dangerously As a Critic

Do NOT make him wait "for the rest of your party." That goes for all of us. Photo: Hannah Whitaker

In the spirit of restaurant critic trending, NBC "got inside the head" of Grub’s hero-slash-associate Adam Platt, who revealed a few things about himself that even we didn’t know. Like, that he thinks both foie gras and caviar are overrated (amen). Conversely, he believes ketchup is incredibly underrated. He ponders the professional hazard of morbid obesity, or "suffering a massive coronary event, while dining at some godawful restaurant." His freezer is filled with dumplings, he once ate a chicken uterus, and he just wants to be in bed. And that’s why he’s awesome. [NBC]

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