A Quick Look into 1,000 Years of Sushi History

A headless example of sugata-sushi

This past Saturday, Yoko Isaji’s FoodStory brought food historians and sushi lovers together for “Travel With Sushi” at West L.A.’s Nibei Foundation. Looking over 1,000 years of sushi history, from its origins in Southern China to its rise as a popular Japanese street food in the 1800’s, Isaji used slides, artwork, and stories to convey the evolution of one of L.A.’s favorite delicacies. Even better, in partnership with a local sushi chef, Isaji served rare examples of raw fish that are next-to-impossible to find in the states, and nearly as tough in Japan, from rice-fermented nare sushi to Kansai-period pressed sushi that paved the way to the Edo-mae nigiri we recognize today. Come take a quick tour through FoodStory’s “Travel with Sushi,” scheduled again on October 8th.