Watch a Bull-Riding Bristol Palin Get Heckled at a West Hollywood Bar

Holding on to her seven seconds of fame.
Holding on to her seven seconds of fame. Photo: TMZ

Putting her family values on full display, Bristol Palin passed a recent evening bucking up and down on the mechanical bull at Saddle Ranch, West Hollywood’s most notorious meat market, while shooting her new reality-TV show. Unable to stomach his cocktail a second longer, an on-looking patron publicly decried Palin’s mama, Sarah, in a series of well-argued political parries like, “Your mother’s a whore!” and “Did you ride Levi like that?” How did the young hockey-mom-in-training react?

No shrinking violet, Palin landed a perfect dismount from oft her heifer (landing on her neck) and had a cow. She interrogated our hero her attacker, asking aloud, “Is it because you’re a homosexual and that’s why you hate her?”

Offered the short lob setup of the century for a number of snappy answers, the man instead opted for a not-so-fierce, “Pretty much … ,” but gave Palin an earful nonetheless, in what was surely the deepest conversation ever held between two individuals at Saddle Ranch. Fortunately, this being the Sunset Strip, the whole incident was caught by TMZ for everyone’s squeam-inducing Schadenfreude, while today Palin is defending herself against accusations of homophobia stemming from the incident. Take a look!

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Bristol Palin Attacked By Heckler ‘YOUR MOTHER’S A WHORE’ [TMZ]