What’s Up With DeLucie’s Crown?

Is Crown a little bit open or totally closed?
Is Crown a little bit open or totally closed? Photo: Patrick McMullen

Over at Grub, we’ve been strangely obsessed with the launch of John DeLucie’s Crown in the former Bruno Jamais spot on East 81st. Not because we’re dying for the food, but because there are so many rumors swirling about its opening date, and we don’t like secrets. In May, there were sightings of Alexa Chung and Madonna partying there after the Costume Institute Gala, then reliable chef friends said they’d been sneaking over for late-night eats, and today in “Page Six,” it says that doors will open during Fashion Week, with private tastings beforehand (wouldn’t that be, like, soon?). The thing is, it certainly doesn’t look open, it doesn’t taste open, and reps are being extremely coy. So what’s the deal, DeLucie? [Page Six/NYP]

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