Whole Foods Will Celebrate Ramadan in Spite of Angry Right-Wing Bloggers


Yesterday, it seemed Whole Foods’ latest moneymaking cultural diversity effort, its Ramadan promotion, had blown up in the chain’s face. The Houston PressEating Our Words blog published parts of an intercepted internal memo in which employees were encouraged to promote Halal foods rather than Ramadan itself: “It is probably best that we don’t specifically call out or ‘promote’ Ramadan … The misinterpretation has generated some negative feedback from a small segment of vocal and angry consumers and bloggers.” Well, that didn’t go over well. Now the chain is backpedaling, claiming the memo circulated in just one of its twelve U.S. regions (Texas, we’re looking at you), and did not represent the larger Whole Foods attitude. So go ahead and have that organic Ramadan feast, slightly bitter though it may now be.

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