Who Has the Most Titillating Twitter Feed of Them All?


As we’ve noted in the past, Myers + Chang’s (and Joanne Chang’s) Twitter feeds are incredibly lively; they kind of remind us of a 140-character reality show. Wiley customers! Misplaced doggie bags! Career heartache! The M+C team puts it all out there.

Well, it seems that Boston magazine agrees, as evidenced by their Best of Boston categories that they wish they’d included in the magazine, but didn’t. One niche? Best Twitter feed. The winner? Myers + Chang.

Who can resist this juicy gem? “Very pregnant customer in w hubby. Orders lots of spicy food. Mid-meal they rush out. She’s in labor folks. M+C strikes again.” Yeah, but we’re partial to the time a customer walked in dressed as Saturday Night Live’s Church Lady. Wouldn’t see that at Locke-Ober.

Best of 2011 [Boston]

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