Where to Get Captain Kangaroo and Herve Villechaize Burgers in Downtown

You bought the album, now try the burger
You bought the album, now try the burger Photo: Joe Crawford (artlung) via Flickr

A new bar and restaurant named The Escondite is now open in Downtown, serving unique takes on comfort food with familiar names, under co-owner Erin Carnes and her partner Brian. L.A. Food God describes the interior as a simple worn-wood arrangement with comic books and other curios on the walls, a six-hundred year-old bar backing, and a patio overlooking Downtown. The selection here is sandwich and burger-heavy, with hand-cut fries, seven drafts, and a top-shelf spirits program to match the food, which comes ironically named after your favorite seventies T.V. characters.

For example, there’s a Captain Kangaroo breakfast burger with hash browns, a Boss Hogg burger, a Ricardo Motalban, and another named after Herve Villechaize, that finds cream cheese and jalapenos on the burger. There are also sandwiches like the eponymous escondite that sounds like a French dip by way of the windy city. The person who tips us off to Escondite’s existence also tells us about a must-try dish called buffalo mushrooms, fried shrooms swimming in a buffalo sauce. Hopefully, this nostalgia trip tastes up to snuff, as we like the levity from the get-go.

The restaurant is currently setting up a website and is bubbling up slowly on Facebook.

The Escondite, 410 Boyd St. Downtown.

Soon To Be A Hotspot, Not A Hideout… [LA Food God]