Whale Watching: Which Nightclubs Boast the Highest Tabs?

Greenhouse: No. 10.
Greenhouse: No. 10. Photo: Melissa Hom

We suppose it was far too optimistic to hope that certain baller types might have learned a lesson during the recent recession (not to mention amid threats of the insidious “double dip”) and stopped dropping money like insane people at trendy nightclubs. No such luck: Bundle has a list today of the 25 clubs in the country with the highest average bar tabs — average, mind you, not median, meaning the $160k tabs racked up by big-spending “whale” types are dragged down by those cheapskates nursing $15 vodka tonics. Naturally, a number of New York clubs made the list, including Provocateur (No. 2 with a $445 average), the Box (No. 4, $305), and Riff Raff’s (No. 8, $302). Zee Hamptons scored high, too, taking the No. 1 slot with Lily Pond and No. 4 spot with Dune. Vegas and Miami also figured prominently on the list, and this is one contest where we’d be perfectly happy if they were to overtake New York.

The most expensive nightclubs in America [Money/Bundle]