Wait, Wine and Cheese Are Crappy Together?

A writer reveals the dirty, stinky truth about wine and cheese.
A writer reveals the dirty, stinky truth about wine and cheese. Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images

Yesterday there were rumors that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett were splitting, now Gilt Taste is saying wine and cheese are a “lousy” couple who never should have hooked up in the first place. Whatever to Hollywood gos’; more important, what to believe about the epicurean universe?! The writer’s arguments are pretty solid — cheese is best served at the end of a meal, when all you really want to drink is whatever is leftover in the bottles, wise pairing or not. Totally true. Also, the tastes of cheese and wine actually don’t bring out the best in each other: “Much of the nuance and many of the most treasured flavor dimensions of a wine — berry, dried fruit, oak, mushroom, vegetal and bell pepper aromas — are actually greatly diminished (if not lopped off totally) when your mouth is full of butterfat.” This is a lot to absorb, so for now, we’re sticking to Grub Street’s uncomplicated, irrefutable pairing, at least while it’s still summer: barbecue and beer, a duo we predict will never need couple’s therapy. [Gilt Taste]

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