Veggie Bandits Running Rampant in the City

Bandits! Photo: Courtesy of Fox Searchlight Pictures

It’s the way things are in New York City: When something is left out, it will be taken by someone, no matter what it is. Such is the plight of Holland Haiis-Aguirre — thieves entered her plot at the West Side Community Garden and snatched a ““big, beautiful, full-sized cucumber” (not a euphemism). The Times is taking to the street to examine the annual tradition of people stealing produce from community gardens. It happens all over the city! Pepper theft on the Lower East Side; tomatoes and squash in Brooklyn. Urban gardeners seemed resigned to the reality of it all. Funnily, it’s all just so quaint and petty when compared to the big-time veggie bandits that were on the loose in Florida. [NYT, Earlier]