Valley Malt Intoxicates Western Mass.; Self Magazine Diet Plan Will Nag You Into Shape


• Looking for beer made with local grains? Go west: to Western Massachusetts, that is, home of Valley Malt. [Globe]

• If you require constant nagging to accomplish any goal, sign up for Self magazine’s Tapper diet plan, which sends you five texts a day instructing things like, “Eat a high-protein breakfast.” [Mashable via Self]

• Behold the twenty most Michelin-starred cities in the world. Guess how many are in Japan? [HuffPo]

• We know it’s been weighing on you: Here a rundown on the best things to eat at Disneyland. [NYDN]

• Lobster-flavored ice cream is now a thing. Cough, marketing gimmick, cough. [NYDN]