Umami Burger Is Coming to The Grove

The Port and Stilton, Umami Hollywood
The Port and Stilton, Umami Hollywood Photo: David_Hwang via Flickr

This just in: Umami Burger #9 (now with 100% more Sam Nazarian) is coming to The Grove! The new restaurant is planned to open this fall and as Umami’s do, it will feature its own unique look. This one will have an entirely sustainable design in a LEED Certified space that uses recycled materials, bamboo, and “green” woods, and will also rock solar panels. It also sounds a mite bit bigger than L.A.’s five existing Umami locales, with 175 seats for all of those high-rolling mall rats. Where will Umami spread next? And when we will we finally meet Umamicatessen? Don’t turn that dial!