Top Chef Texas: Bravo Confirms Worst-Kept Secret Ever

Headed to the Lone Star State.
Headed to the Lone Star State.

Anyone who cares about such things knew long ago that the latest season of Top Chef was shooting in Texas, and now Bravo confirms that, yes, the new season of the show will take place in Texas. Where, exactly? Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio. (Ouch — burn on Houston.) Anyway, the real news is the show’s two new judges.

Emeril Lagasse and Hugh Acheson will be joining Gail, Tom, and Padma at the judges’ table, so that should be fun. As far as we can tell, there’s no set premiere date, but Top Chef Just Desserts is going to start its second season on August 24.

Meanwhile, there’s still no word on that Top Chef musical.

’Top Chef’ Is Bigger In Texas [Dish/Bravo]
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