Thomas Keller’s Dinner Party at Home Doesn’t Sound Hard, Per Se

He throws six dinner parties a year. And yes, we're available.
He throws six dinner parties a year. And yes, we're available.Photo: Hadley Tomicki

You’ve made his roast chicken, which set off your fire alarm; you’ve had one meal at Per Se, which someone else paid for; and you reflexively say his name when anyone asks, “Who’s your favorite chef?” So why not mimic his dinner-party foods, too. According to The Wall Street Journal, here are a few of the at-home dishes TK gives the A-OK to: candied almonds, glazed cashews, cured olives, eggplant tapenade; dishes such as salmon rillettes, cheeses on a striking slab of marble or on dark-hued wood cutting boards, dressed up with dried fruit such as apricots or apples; salad in a large bowl — sometimes sprinkled with chives, chopped parsley, large grains of salt, and edible flowers; whole salmon or turbot on a cedar plank, côte du boeuf right on the cutting board, lentils or risotto in brightly colored little bowls … but not blue ones. Blue makes food look bad. [WSJ]