There Will Soon Be a ‘Hidden’ Bar on Every Block in New York

Coming soon to some not-so-hidden spots.
Coming soon to some not-so-hidden spots. Photo: Jbird

Today, Fork in the Road introduces us to Jbird, a team that will be launching three speakeasy-style cocktail bars around the city. One opening tonight “can be found hidden down a hallway at XVI.” Another will be in “the Financial District, where a location suitable for the faux-storefront concept is currently being scouted.” And yet one more “will be tucked behind an espresso bar and newsstand on the Upper East Side.” Wait, this sounds familiar. Where have we seen the concept of cramming a location into every possible nook and cranny that’s available? Oh, right: Subway, which will gladly install its sandwich artists in places like churches, German riverboats, and even the Freedom Tower construction site, all of which would be killer locations for a speakeasy or three. [Fork in the Road/VV]