The Unstoppable Artichoke Pizza Now at Local Supermarkets

The Artichoke team has heart.
The Artichoke team has heart. Photo: Zach Desart

Noah Tepperberg is such a brilliant businessman that he scheduled Hurricane Irene, leaving everyone stuck at home for the same week that Artichoke’s frozen pizzas are hitting local supermarkets. “It’s kind of perfect timing, isn’t it?” he tells Grub, jokingly. In less than one year, Tepperberg has proudly watched his partners, the Staten Island–born Artichokians Sal Bastille and Francis Garcia, open three successful Artichoke restaurants and now launch a fresh-tasting frozen-pizza line to be sold at all A&P; grocery stores, like Food Emporium, Pathmark, and more. Tepperberg says the pizzas are delicious (of course he does), and best paired with sweatpants, the remote control, and a cold Coors or Amstel. “I’ve lived through a recession now,” the nightlife king, who also owns Lavo, Tao, and a zillion other sparkly spots, tells us, “So I understand high-end living and budget living. I sell boxes of pizza for 6 dollars, and bottles of booze at 10 grand.”

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