The Meatball Shop Guys on Being Mister(s) Popular

Holzman used to play the flute, now he plays with success.
Holzman used to play the flute, now he plays with success. Photo: Melissa Hom

If the Meatball Shop boys haven’t made you blush with a joke about their favorite subject (not necessarily ours), which is … their “balls,” or if you haven’t had the pleasure of inhaling one of their subs when absolutely starving, then it’s time to reassess how you’re spending your time. These guys are everywhere: They’re racy, but nonconfrontational; funny, but not trouble-prone; and, as evidenced in Paper magazine and CNN’s Eatorcracy, the press just eats them up. With all the collective drooling and the recent Williamsburg expansion, Grub Street wanted to ask the big studs how it feels to be such, well, hot shit. Have you guys been this cool all your life? “We were pretty well-liked in high school, uptown at LaGuardia, even though Mike played the tuba and I played the flute,” admits co-’ball Daniel Holzman. “Then I went through a funky stage for about ten years while Mike remained extremely cool straight through, but I’m trying to make up for it now!”

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