The Fancy Vegetable Auction Is Back

Legumes are the new socialites.

Last year, it brought in over $100,000 for local farming programs, and now, Sotheby's auction of heirloom vegetables has sprouted up again. The event is on September 27, starting at 7 p.m., with cocktails, dinner, and a live auction of the veggie elite and other high-class foodstuffs. The Times reports that "more than 25 farmers will donate vegetables and other produce, and more than 30 chefs and food and wine producers will participate in the dinner, which will be at communal tables." Also, from September 6 until the produce party, there will be a community farmers’ market in front of Sotheby’s. Maybe the world's coolest vegetable butcher can make a cameo, although she's so downtown. [NYT]