Whatever ‘Dîner en Blanc’ Is, It Closes Its Guest List Tomorrow

New Yorkers will soon emulate a massive Parisian picnic.
New Yorkers will soon emulate a massive Parisian picnic.Photo: Courtesy D&icric;ner en Blanc

Sure, the Times wrote about it, and it’s très chic according to Parisians, but we’re still having a tough time grasping what Le Dîner en Blanc, an all-white-attire outdoor dinner picnic, happening on August 25, is really all about. Here’s what we know: The guest list closes tomorrow; 1,000 people will be admitted (but who?); the location is a secret; the cost is unconfirmed (maybe $50?); tables are BYOT; utensils are BYOU, but the food is (we think?) provided; and, last but not least, there’s a Facebook page with many people who are even more baffled than us. It definitely sounds intriguing, especially the part about the mandatory public-transportation-taking. [Dîner en Blanc]