Will the Dutch Soon Have Its Own Speakeasy?

The entrance to the next phase of the Dutch?

Just in case the main floor of the Dutch is getting a little too simple to score a table for your addicted-to-struggle New York psyche, the hard-core sense of insiders-only is still available downstairs in a small private room, which is part storage closet, part den of sin, and currently available for private parites (fourteen people max, please). More wondrous, the room is rumored to be morphing into a proper Prohibition-style bar. Around the restaurant's glorious opening, Andrew Carmellini was overheard discussing the plans for an invitation-only speakeasy downstairs, in a cavernous room with a red door that reads "PS 131," and the rumors are still swirling. Today, restaurant staffers confirmed that something of the like is indeed in the works, but out of respect for their boss were hush hush about details. (We really like Carmellini, too, but just had to tell.)


What goes on behind the closed door.Photo: Alyssa Shelasky

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