Mustache Holders and More International Table Manners

Don't cut a salad with a knife, say the French.
Don't cut a salad with a knife, say the French. Photo: istockphoto

Slobs, rejoice. Historically in France, it was once considered proper to chew with your mouth open, and in China, you were supposed to make a mess while eating rice. Over in Bulgaria, if a guest brought yellow flowers to a dinner party, they were being rude. And you know those annoying people who sigh after every sip of hot tea? There was a whole Curb Your Enthusiasm about it. Yeah, you can thank an old Persian tradition for that lovely habit. An hour late for dinner? Blame the Japanese. That’s their tradition! So is the wooden mustache holder— which was intended to keep the real mustaches dry during drink time. To find out if you should or should not wipe your hands on your hair after eating fish, here is the rest of the dos and don’ts list. [Lapham’s Quarterly]