Slaw Dogs Brings Rippers to the Valley; New Hipster Pizza in Little Tokyo

Photo: L.A. Craft Beer Crawl

Downtown: The Beer Chicks (Christina Perozzi and Hallie Beaune) are curating the list for a new beer store opening at Golden Gopher. And don’t miss their L.A. Craft Beer Crawl, which hits all of Cedd Moses 213 Ventures bars, next weekend. [Squid Ink; GS]
Woodland Hills: Slaw Dogs, the (sometimes) heart-clogging Pasadena sausage emporium, opened a new location in the Valley. Owner Ray Byrne has a third location planned for Duarte. [Eater]

Little Tokyo: The name looks unpronounceable, but the new pizza joint, Xlixe (“slice”), is now open. The owner says it’s “the quirky love child of a tree hugging hipster and a Lacoste donning yuppie, encompasses all things radically charming.” [Eater]
Downtown: While you await the Rosa Mexicano to open in West Hollywood, you can always make your way to the L.A. Live location for the Ice Cream Social menu, which runs from Aug. 10 through Sept. 24. Find lavors like sweet avocado, Mexican corn truffle with toffee and chocolate, and Negro Modelo-infused chocolate ice cream, plus dessert guacamole, and ice cream-filled crepes. [GS]
Pico-Robertson: MexiKosher, which claims to be the first Mexican-Kosher restaurant in L.A., is now open on Pico Blvd. [Squid Ink]
Venice: Keep the vampires (or your date) at bay: Chaya Venice is serving a garlic-inspired menu throughout the month of August. Get dishes like heirloom tomatoes with garlic ice cream, halibut with green garlic risotto, and even garlic-infused cocktails. [GS]